Firetrucker | Ankeny, IA




1 (GAG) – 10 (BOMB)

Uptown IPA

Session IPA. Very similar to Steam but with lots more hops. Solid, well-balanced, citrusy IPA. (Q’s favorite FT beer)

9 [Q]
7 [OJ]

Under Lager IPL

Smoother and breadier than IPA

6.5 [Q]
6 [OJ]

Resuscitator Dopplebock

Lacks the nasal maple caramel of most dopples which is a good thing. It’s fine (Q). Not a fan, but it’s good in a family of FT beer (OJ).

6 [Q]
6 [OJ]

Acova Black Walnut

Very forward nutty. Good smoke, light hops. Smoke used appropriately. Bitterness from walnut, less so hops.

8 [Q]
8 [OJ]

Steam Engine

(Flagship) Crisp refreshing citrusy. A serious beer for a flag. Not for the faint of heart. Very good. Don’t know Anchor Steam well enough to judge a comparison, but reminds of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

8 [Q]
8 [OJ]

2 Alarm Red

A not-to-sweet red. Great balance. One of favorite reds EVAH. Terrific.

9.5 [OJ]
7.5 [Q ]

Burnout Brown

Classic brown. Caramel-y. Chocolate-y. A delicious brown. Only brown better is Rogue’s Hazelnut on tap. “I would (and I have) drink it again and again and again and again. So familiar that you forget how great it is. This beer has turned me off of hoppy beers.”

10!!! [OJ]
8.5 [Q ]

Grizzly Stout

Hearty. Thick. A great stout.

9 [OJ]
9 [Q ]

OVERALL: 8.5 – 9 – 9.5

8.5 as a place (lacking consistent food, but delivery option helps). 9 on great beer, cool place. 9.5 on art, staff, our connection.