OJQ's Couple's Year Count

It Is What It Is


This site was originally developed to chart the largely 2012 couple’s year count by “OJ” and “Q” — a husband and wife team now nesting with their son in Ankeny, Iowa.

We’ve decided to do it again and challenge ourselves to see as many birds as we can — together — in one year. We have some trips lined up already and hope to add in some jaunts here and there. We’ll be searching the rare bird alerts and blogs for additional info.

The critical reader should note that this is not to be confused with a traditional, full-on “Big Year” in the sense that we are both employed full time and do not intend to take enormous amount of time off. Hence the “binging.” When we bird, we bird a lot. When we don’t, well, you get the idea. Don’t get us wrong, it will be a big year, just not what we would consider a Capital-B-Capital-Y Big Year. We’ll do that when we aren’t working and can spend our future lottery winnings.

Coupled with our travels, we enjoy frequenting brewpubs and seek them out much like we chase birds. Also on this site, we rate bevvies and nom noms — Q likes to test a brewpub not only by it’s beer, but how good its reuben is.

Unless otherwise indicated, all photographs on this site were taken by Q. The one above, since it is a picture of Q and OJ, was not. It was taken by their son. None of the pictures on this site may be used without permission from the site’s owner.