OJQ's Couple's Year Count

Because I Said So


Our list. Our rules. Here’s what we’ve decided, in case you are interested, but don’t bother telling us we’re doing it wrong, ’cause it’s our game.

Because this is a “couple’s year count,” we both have to see* the bird, but not necessarily in the same location at the same time (definitely preferable, but sometimes unavoidable). We will only add it to the list after both of us have seen it. Trip reports, when we go binging, will have all the birds seen for a particular day which can be checked from the homepage.

*If both of us have previously recorded seeing a bird in our life, we can count birds that we hear. If either one of us has not seen the bird, even if we know the call (I heard you the first time, Screaming Piha…), we cannot count it.

We start this year’s count list on December 24, 2015. First full day of our Christmas trip to Guatemala. We will continue to count through December 23, 2016. It’s a year, but it may not be your definition of a year. But again, it’s not your list.

We reserve the right to bird “by camera” in that if, by chance, we cannot immediately identify a bird in the field, but can get a good pic of it, we are allowed to identify it — and add it — later.

Because we won’t be submitting this list anywhere, we’re adding different races, if we see them. Spliter? Lumper? Whatevah!

And finally, even though she’s giving us her best look of “haughty derision,” no, of course we would not be able to count this puffin. She was shacking up at the Alaskan Sea Life Center in Seward. Crossing fingers for *any* puffin this year…