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Fallout: 2012

The Hummingbirds of Ecuador


When we traveled to Ecuador this summer, we had a few target species in mind for the mainland – the Andean Cock-of-the-Rock, Giant Antpitta, and the Oscillated Tapucalo were...

Fallout: 2012

An Angel and His Birds


Do a Google search of topics about birding in Ecuador and a few things start to emerge. There’s the uniqueness of the Galapagos, the diversity that the Andes provides,...

Fallout: 2012

There’s a Finch for That


The Galapagos Islands represent the catalyst for the largest change in modern human thought. Seems like hyperbole to say that, but think about it: biology, genetics, all science, really,...

Fallout: 2012

1000th Bird for OJ


I was at 997 life birds when we went on our NC-SC trip a few weeks ago. If I played my cards right, the 4-digit milestone would be passed...

Fallout: 2012

Half-Way Look Back


We’re about half way through – or half way started depending on your outlook in life – our inaugural Couples Year Count, and before our next binge (Galapagos!!!), I...

Fallout: 2012

The Problem with Magee


We’ve written a few pieces about Magee in this inaugural year of BingeBirding and will no doubt do more. Magee is a ridiculous place to bird in the migration....

Fallout: 2012

UP Uppie and away!


Upland Sandpiper on a rainy day in the UP. He’s a Yooper, y’all.

Fallout: 2012

Magee Time!


Birding in NW Ohio peaks in late April through May at one of our all-time-favorite haunts: Magee Marsh. Located along Lake Erie next to the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge,...

Fallout: 2012

Utah! (Part 2)


The St. George area is significantly lower in elevation compared to the rest of the state, and anyone who has birded extensively in the U.S. knows that this little...

Fallout: 2012

Utah! (Part 1)


For Spring break this year, we headed west to our old stomping grounds: Utah. Full disclosure is that we also really wanted to see our friends and Henry’s godparents,...

Fallout: 2012

Let the Migration Begin!


The warblers are coming! The warblers are coming! We’re heading into what is simply a fabulous time of year in Northwest Ohio. We will hopefully be able to take...

Fallout: 2012

Best 48 Hours (so far): Part 2


What a day yesterday was! Getting a long-time nemesis bird was excellent, but it was difficult to say if that was what gave us the biggest high or if...

Fallout: 2012

Best 48 Hours (so far): Part 1


When I bird a lot or when I count for a year – or for that matter, when I don’t bird a lot or when I don’t count for...

Fallout: 2012

Birding with Grandma


My grandmother passed away a couple of weeks ago and we had a memorial service for her last weekend. Her wishes were to put her “ashes in a box...

Fallout: 2012

Mini-Binge Around Toledo


Some weekends, even the long ones, are tough to get away. On this President’s Day weekend, we decided to try and pick up a few target birds around the...

Fallout: 2012

Day 1 of Couple’s Year Count


December 22, 2011: First day of “our” year. Great to get away from work and think about something else for a while, and what a great place to start...